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Hairpot Sportlight Salon is a full-service beauty salon with the state of the art modern equipment’s dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable value relationship. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work. Skill at what we do, good customer service, and creating a pleasant environment for our customers.

Our business atmosphere is a relaxing one where clients can kick back and be pampered. Soft drinks are available upon request for clients as they enter for service. Televisions are located in the waiting and hair-drying area.

What will set Hairpot Sportlight Salon, we provide quality hair services, along with top lines of beauty products. Apart from the competition is our commitment to providing good services in our various branches in convenient locations.

Hairpot Sportlight Salon is organized and managed in a creative and innovative fashion to generate very high levels of customer satisfaction, and to create a working climate conducive to a high degree of personal development and economic satisfaction for employees.

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